18 oktober 2021

Deel Je Verhaal Op Reis (#djvor) met … Hyasinta Izumba

Bongo flavour music and the position of women

Hyasinta lives in Tanzania. She researched the ‘Bongo Flavour Music’, typical Tanzanian music. This kind of music is listened to by women and men all over the world. The video clips often show almost naked women and cool man.

In this interview, which is filmed by Dirk Ernst, Hyasinta shows us how this music represents the position of women in Tanzania. A position and way of view that Hyasinta would like to change. Not only in Tanzania. Hyasinta met Dirk in Tanzania and together they came to the Netherlands for a visit. Unfortunately Dirk died in February 2019.

See this interview and you will never watch a Bongo flavour music video or listen to this kind of music the way you did before.

#bongo #flavour #music #female #position #muziek #Tanzania #dem #critical #discourse #analysis #feminisme


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