24 oktober 2021

Lucas Colbers speecht tijdens de officiële openingscerenomie Mesch

Lucas is als scholier van Agora Roermond betrokken bij het project Limburg deelt haar verhaal over vrijheid. De provincie wil graag dat de jongeren van nu de waarde van vrijheid beseffen en blijven doorgeven. In het kader van dit project en het doorgeven van de waarde van vrijheid heeft Lucas dhr. Edwin Jacobsz geïnterviewd, voorzitter van de Stichting Limburgse Veteranendag. Lucas heeft al zijn hele leven lang een fascinatie voor de 2de WereldOorlog. Mede geïnspireerd door deze interesse en het interview, mocht Lucas op 12 september tijdens de officiële Provinciale openingsceremonie in Mesch, zelf kort vertellen wat vrijheid voor hem betekent. Mesch was het eerste dorpje dat bevrijd werd in 1944.

Zijn tekst:

Lucas Colbers, born 14 april 2005

My whole life i have been fascinated by stories, in all sorts of narration.

Books, movies, speeches, objects, places, everything has its own stories.

None of these stories are the same, just as no person or no object is the same.

Some of these stories are cheerful and happy, other are dark and sad. Al these stories have different chapters, and again, some of these chapters are about fun, good moments with friends, about falling in love and about family. Other chapters are about mournful moments. About your best friend, who moved when you were very little, about getting bullied and about losing someone you loved. Together, all these chapters define who a person truly is. A brave person, willing to stand for what he believes in or a scarred person, who has been through a lot.

Today we tell the stories of the people who have had a very dark chapter in their lives: a war.

Days, weeks, months and sometimes years of dark chapters in someone’s life: a war is truly a terrible thing. 75 years ago a very dark chapter in the lives of every Dutchman came to an end. After years of being oppressed, not being able to say or do what we wanted to do, finally we were liberated. We were liberated by brave men who chose to fight for what they thought was right. These men lived mostly overseas, in another continent, and they could have chosen to close their eyes to what was happening here in Europe. But they did not. They left their homes, their family’s and their friends, to help a millions of people they didn’t even know. They took up arms to liberate us, and many did not return from this great undertaking.


To me this is one of the most important and beautiful gestures there is, to give another man the freedom he deserves. And to you, gentlemen, heroes, we owe you more then anyone could ever owe someone, and i feel like the least we can do is keep al of your stories preserved for everyone to listen to, and to get inspired by. And that is my mission: to tell the stories of the heroes who fought to liberate us. Lest We Forget.


Dit project is mogelijk gemaakt door ondersteuning van de Provincie Limburg en het Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.

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